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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Friday fun

Well let's say, looking back at Friday, a day that I had to leave early. So I will post what I can remember seeing being done.
The first thing I noticed was the roadbed for the logging line was already painted and ready for the track. But while taking that in, I noticed that the grade was not a steady climb, but rather, apparently had undulations in it. The group gathered and decided that it only added to the realism of what a logging spur would look like, and would have no consequence on any trains using the spur. With that decided, work commenced on securing the trestle base and track laying. As the track was laid around the curve below the spar tree, it became obvious that the benchwork could be narrowed allowing for a shorter tunnel below it. With agreement that the shorter the better, part of the spurs benchwork was narrowed, and the track in the tunnel adjust a little, thus moving the exit of that end of the tunnel back about a foot. I had to leave before this was completed.
Don took up the job of checking how the stone walls at Lakeview's harbour would effect the gravel dock. After some adjustments all looked good, so he gathered up the walls to take home and add gray primer to them.
Larry was also, after yet another trip home, this time to get his glue gun, proceeding to replace missing footing beams on the trestle, and to level it up. It was also decided that the dip of the roadbed at the junction of the trestle, could be looked after while ballasting.
All the while Glen was climbing around the Lakeview and sawmill area applying a base coal of paint and scenery.
I almost forgot Sparky. Jim had added wires to connect the bus wires of section 4 (all of the branchline after it leaves Lincoln) to the Quad unit, temporarily connecting them to check for shorts. Non were found. He then continued adding feeders to section 4. It should be mentioned that secton 3, the rest of the branchline to Lakeview has feeders and a complete set of bus wires. All that remains to be connected is the sawmill area and the siding in Lakeview. So in summary, when the 2 sidings in Ortona, the gravel dock, the 4 or 5 sidings in Lakeview, and the logging spur are laid and wired, the electrical part will be completed.
After some test runs on the branchline, the fascia and scenery can be installed. Maybe our present for Christmas will be a completed layout, I'll have to put a ribbon and bow on the door.

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