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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff

On one front the logging spur was wired, as far as it has been installed. At the same time the placement of the trestle was finished and the trestle was removed to add in the drywall mesh to support the first layer of plaster. In another area the town of Northdale was laid out. The problem now is all of the construction is in 2 small areas and that the areas in the back have to be sceniced before areas in the front can be worked on. An example of this is the sawmill area and the Harbour cannot be installed until the track at the coal mine, the upper and lower mainlines, are ballasted and scenery is completed. Compounding this is the ballasting can't be done while the system is on. We may have to schedule a work day or two.
So far we have no problems with any of the new construction. Moving forward we can ballast areas like Ortona and parts of the branchline, because they are not on the system as yet. Once the feeders are done on the logging spur, we can start ballasting and adding scenery to it. We need to finalize the sidings in Miller and Lakeview, so they can also be wired and ballasted. This would at least finish the trackwork, and wiring, for the most part.
Northdale buildings we set up and roads added.

This photo shows the cut back area of the logging spur which enabled the tunnel to be shortened.
The trestle area prepared for plastering.

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