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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Branchline terminal

A different approach to the branchline town at the loop. The red branchline is 5 inches higher than the mainline (This is all the area from the east wall to the green hashed line/hill). The operator can switch this town by standing at the end of the loop, where all but 1 turnout (which will be powered) are close to the edge, and away from the main aisle. Maybe the branchline passing track could be moved about 6 inches to the left, the turntable and engine house moved to the left side and all the industries move to the right of the passing track. The engine house area, on the lefthand corner, could be highly detailed and protected with plexiglass. I have a sandhouse, coal tower, ash pit, and crane, that could go there. The downside is that part of the mainline is in a tunnel, but a large industrial area is gained inside the loop.

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