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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Thoughts about wiring


Having a discussion on wiring the layout, in terms of wire gauge and com and control location, Joseph sent me this.

further to our conversation from last night about the bus wiring, this is straight from a Digitrax command station guide:

3.3 Recommended wire sizes
On an average size layout Digitrax recommends that the power bus from the booster be at least 16AWG. When feeding areas up to 50' from the booster, we recommend using 12AWG wire for the power bus.

If we distribute our boosters properly around the layout, with one at the middle of each section on a booster, we shouldn't even come close to a 50' from a booster; more like 25' maximum in either direction by using our quads properly.
So we should be able to get away with 16 gauge without any problems and reduce the cost of buying any additional cabling.

Both Don and Joseph also felt the comand center should be under the end of the central peninsula. 

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