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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bill's Garage Project

By Bill,,,
Ralph asked me to go to the Credit Valley hobby shop in Mississauga. Looking around in the shop, I found a garage kit by DPM.  Looking further, I found some gas pumps, so I decided to make a Texaco gas station for the town of Valleyview. First I cut out the big garage doors, assembled the kit and painted it.  A ramp was added to the roof on which I put a 1947 Model A Ford. A 1958 Ford Fairlane and a 1947 Chev pickup (with a Texaco logo) were also added to the scene. Removing the box off a 1956 Ford pickup, I made it into a flatbed.  Various items were added on the flatbed to finish it off.  A 1934 Chev was placed in the doorway.  A man with a beard was painted up and sat on a box (editors note, he looks an awful lot like Bill). Next I put a dog on top of a doghouse. The dog was painted to look like a Dalmation and named Pete (see the name on the doghouse ). The doghouse and the man were placed in front of the garage along with other people I had painted. Grass, trees and some barrels were also added to the area.  Detailing of this project is ongoing. 

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