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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tuesday night at the Huff & Puff

quarry tracks added

Don's ditch

East Heron's Landing

Allen Lumber

lumber yard at Valleyview

nice trees

check out the turntable

branch line ready for business
The great thing about model railroading as a group is that you get lots of input, well maybe not always so great, but I think it makes us better modelers and thus, the railroad better. Case in point, the original track plan was marked on the top of the tables and after a change to the track arrangement into one end of Jutland the lines were visible on the table top. Matt pointed out that we could put in an abandonned line, so we did. When Don was adding scenery to this area last week, he thought a culvert under the new track and the remains of the old trestle over the ditch was in order. So at least 3 people had a hand in the end result, right next to this, we may add a crane and new steel beams to make it look like the old wooden overpass is being replaced, two complete stories in two feet of space, for those who stop to look. Elsewhere, the quarry gets track work, Heritage Furniture area has more scenery added, another lumber dealer is added to the layout and Heron's Landing gets a small town. The electrical fault on the the branch was corrected and the turntable is up and running. A track fault near Northdale on the branch was worked on.

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