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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday fun

Some wiring was completed. Some crossings were installed. Some plug-ins were installed. Some people were added. Some buildings were test fit and then cut in half, sorry Bill. Most of all some trains were run. N.B. The plane is a B17, the Yankee Lady.
the big meet

heading to Jutland

installing crossings

seems like Ralph gets to do all the wiring

Trent and me installed the last of the plug-ins

you build it and they will come

look what flew over my house, B29?


  1. Lucky guy to spot the B29. My son and I almost got a ride in it when it spent a weekend at an airshow in Everett, Washington State last year. We were due for the next flight when mechanical trouble developed. Saved $250 US though

  2. Whoops, I meant B17, not B29. Need to do better proof reading.