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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Friday Free Time

I had some free time (read my wife went shopping) so Bill and I went up to the Huff and Puff do some work. The outside edge of the curve around Lincoln was ballasted and edged with grass and weeds. Many plank road crossings were added where roads had been added, still need more though. Bill cut down a rock outcrop with a hole saw, which was too close to track. He also found a switch which was giving trouble when you back through the diverging route. We finally found that the point was too wide and was catching the wheel flanges, lifting them ontop of the rail. The point was rounded off and thinned down with a file, eliminating the problem, will have to check the other points for this problem. A few other switches were found to have ballast interfering with smooth operation, this was also corrected.
cutting down the rock face

problem point

point being filed down

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