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Friday, September 19, 2014

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff

This is really an update of Tuesday, Sunday and Thursday. Wiring of the roundhouse area continues as well as additions to scenery. The fascia is now all installed but the plug ins holes need to be cut and transitions between different heights need to be addressed, some gaps between the fascia and the scenery need to be fixed. A couple of members have been testing the rails and cleaning up problems as they go. Glen has added new buildings to Heron's Landing, a ship also sailed into port. New rolling stock has been brought in as well as a group of engines, it's alive, A test application of a grass mat held down with double sided tape was done at Lincoln. Ground cover and roads were also added there. Glen tested and verified that you can programme an engine on NCE and run it on Digitrax. The following pictures will speak for themselves.

trees added to Mount Tom

taller trees to view block the end of the track

grass mat

Overland Western and Crawford Foundry by Glen

Bill's hopper crash scene

"a ship lies rigged and waiting in the harbour ..."

Bill readies a 24 car train

look what Bill found, I want one

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