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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Scratchbuilding Supplies

Scratchbuilding is a model railroading technique where you build an original structure or add to an existing structure using whatever materials you may have on hand. Some examples are shown in the picture to the left. Cereal or similar cardboard boxes can be readily used for walls, roofs, etc. but may need to have inner supports glued to them for additional strength. The deconstructed clemmentine box more readily available around Christmas provides thin wood sides, a hardboard bottom and angled solid wood corner pieces useful for strengthening inside corners and holding them square. Remove the staples more carefully than I did. The yogurt container at the top can be used for glue or paint when scenicking. Don't put paint thinner in them as it will soon eat through and leak.  Using materials such as the above saves our landfills, too.

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