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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff

Oh what a night. Lots of activity, lots of talking, lots of running, and a couple of visitors to boot. Ralph added Lilly pads to a pond on the branch line as Jim tried to find time to re-track the yard at the cement plant.  Glen finished up around Cities Service and O.L. King Coal, even adding vehicles and people to the scene, and he still has time to build card boxes and work on the model of the Woodstock station. (hope he writes a post on this unique structure). Bill used some trees to hide the area where the track ends at the wall in Sunset. His warehouse, named Harbour Freight, was test fit. Bill also cleans the track, on off days, finished painting the fascia, and cleans up, jobs not always noticed but appreciated.
a place a frog wants to call home

new industries

the business just opened and there on break

Harbour Freight

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