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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tuesday Night at the Huff & Puff.

The first Tuesday of the month is or business meeting night.  It was also noted that we need time to work on the layout while people aren't running, so it was adopted that the first Tuesday would also be a working night as needed. The one and only key was talked about and we decided that I would keep it with Glen as a backup. If you need it call me, or Glen.  Another topic was that we have many passenger trains but the layout was built for only three. As an after thought, we could have a passenger train night, might be fun.  As a solution to this wonderful excess of equipment  and the need to have a lockup for equipment, Jim is going to bring an equipment storage shelving unit that is lockable.  It may be put in the office or under the layout, out of sight. Speaking of the office, we moved the desk and put in the work table, thus allowing a clean up of the lounge area. We decided that we will try and have the card system up and running by the end of March in time for the April train show in Woodstock.  The warehouse and dock at Northdale, the coal dock at Miller, and the gas and coal dealers in Miller were all accepted and construction is underway. A siding in Wellington for a work train  is also a go.  It was pointed out that three problem turnouts need attention.  We have yet another uninsulated switch at Herons Landing, a wye in Lincoln giving problems, and power problem on the main at Valleyview.  We, well Trent pointed out that the frog rails on a switch in Wellington are so close together that metal wheels short across them.  Our first solution will be to paint part of the frog with nail polish and see how that works.  With all this some running was done and new equipment was brought in.
Bill's flat car loads

Trent's critter

Jim's container barge

Jim soldering feeders at the wye

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