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Thursday, January 8, 2015


Hot off the presses. The Huff And Puff Gazette reports that with the right of way chosen, construction has began to connect the Island branch railroad with the branch line to Miller.  This new track will mostly affect Northdale with some citizens concerned about the changes to their sleepy harbour town (up until now it was just a small yard and a car float dock). The car float operators were quick to see the writing on the wall and have already pulled up stakes.  Already a station has been built (I bought it for 2 bucks at the train show), and a new dock and warehouse are in the works.  With the track in place and the station location chosen, we can see a road from the station leading to the shelf behind the wye giving rise to a small rural village. There is also a chance that the ferry may build a dock close to the Northdale station. To join the code 100 rail, coming from Miller to the Island branch code 70 we spliced in a short section of code 83.  Rail joiners were put on one end of the code 83 track, the ends of the rail joiners were flattened, slipped under the code 70 rail and soldered to the bottom of them.  This raises the code 70 rail head to the same height as the code 83.  The same was done between the code 100 and code 83 rail. The bay gets a new bottom in the form of a quarter inch white piece of plastic. We will follow this story closely.
code 83 splice

cars cross the transitions just fine

Northdale station

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