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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Train to Tuck and Back

When the Train Order Card for the train to Tuck is selected 8 pieces of rolling stock will be picked up from Elsewhere and swapped with the 8 pieces of rolling stock at Tuck. The Car Card sets will be left at Tuck on a hook, and the ones on the hook will go with the picked up rolling stock to Wellington. The Car Card Sets are added to the ones at Wellington and the Train Order Card is put in the back of the Train Order deck, in time order. The Train Order for Sunset is handled the same but it runs from Wellington to Elsewhere, and it has 10 pieces of rolling stock.  All Car Cards used with these trains will have Waybills in them, it does not matter if they are pickups or deliver ones.
Tuck Train heading west to the junction at Springbank

switching Tuck

Car Card sets are exchanged

Tuck Train arrives at Wellington

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