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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Friday update

More scenery was added to the wye, by Glen, it is already looking like part of the layout and there is still more to be done. Bill cleaned track helped set up the card system.  The card system is all set up with every car in the correct location and every car card has a way bill in it.  We still have to decide on how to set up the log train and if we will have more passenger trains running.  Two sidings in Lincoln have been repurposed. One between Hay Co. and Buckley Mill is now a piggy back ramp. The track in front of the Lincoln stock yard is now a team track. The team track will be used to manually unload a variety of car types like box cars and flat cars and gondolas. Because we will be running with the car card system, a lot of cars set at sidings, like tank cars at Coastal oil, we're sent back to Elsewhere, as they no longer have to protect those sidings, that is, keep them from being used as yards.  Problems I see with our first operating session are, first a learning curve on the proper use of the car card system. Second, we will find every problem with the track, I hope we have enough push pins (to identify problem areas). Third, we will find any problem rolling stock, the red cards (used to identify problem rolling stock) will be a hot commodity. Fourth, any bottleneck areas will become apparent.  Fifth, the proper scheduling of trains, will most likely have to be worked out. Sixth, not everyone knows the location of every town, let alone what industries are there.  The fact that the towns are alphabetically  in order should help. One rule about the card system not talked about is, if you are to deliver a piece of rolling stock, to a siding and it is full, that rolling stock, with it's car card and waybill, will just be taken to the destination yard (the last yard for your train) and set out there, to be delivered another time.
right hand siding is the team track

piggy back ramp

scenery on the wye

some of the car cards and waybill holders

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