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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Friday update

Bill, Glen and I did some running, funny thing we all arrived at Lincoln at the same time. The track to Zorra Cement was reworked and the backdrop was rearranged so that all the backdrop factories are to the east end of the city. A gravel road was put in front of this part of the backdrop. Glen brought in the new station for Wellington, wait till you see it, wow, but that's his story. Moved the lumber yard in Lincoln, behind Hay Co., don't know why it wasn't there already. Would be nice to get a siding into it. Ballasted the track and completed the ground cover in this area.  Glen will bring in a school to put in the area vacated by the lumber yard. Bill and Glen marked a couple of areas of poor electric contact with blue push pins, I'm sure there will be lots more.
white area is where track was lifted, backdrop rearranged

new site of lumber yard and new ground cover applied

now with only 3 trans running how did we all end up here?

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