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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tuesday night at the Huff & Puff

The first full night of running using the car cards. Bedlam and mayhem, perhaps not, but there is a learning curve which is compounded with track and wiring problems.  Next week we should try just running short way freights to get everyone familiar with how the waybills work. I did find a few card errors, which will be corrected. I think everyone enjoyed the experience and learned at least one thing, IT TAKES A LONG TIME TO SWITCH, even a small train. I think we only ran 3 trains in total. Don and Rick ran 2 trains and Glen and Doug ran 1, hampered by the track cleaner most of the run. A few ideas did surface. We could move the Elsewhere turntable acoss from the Programming track.  We could use the tracks leading to Elsewhere, to run around our trains, freeing up Elsewhere track 2 to store another passenger train or more rolling stock. Everone should carry a track cleaner and clean dirty track they encounter. Another thought, every train should have an empty hopper, not to be switched but to carry a few red cards and push pins, until we correct track, wiring and rolling stock problems.

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