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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tuesday Night at the Huff and Puff

    Again weather conditions keep a lot of our members at home and as a result we postponed our meeting for 2 weeks.  The wye got a coat of paint, ballast and grass.  We also installed a safety latch to keep the wye in the open position when needed.  A snap switch was added to the turnout at the west end of Valleyview so we don't have to reach over the coal mine.  A whole bunch of feeders on turnouts, we're soldered in.  The manual turntable at Elsewhere was wired back in and is now functional. Six fluorescent lights were replaced, very enlightening.  With the instillation of the train order card box, the card system is ready to go.
    It is understood that rolling stock that is always causing problems, disrupts the operations for everyone, so I suggest we try a triple knockout system.  It goes like this, if an operator suspects a piece of rolling stock is causing problems, a red card is put into the pocket of the car card.  I say suspects because unless it is obvious, like the coupler height, the problem could be anything including the rolling stock coupled to it.  The next time that piece of rolling stock is run and again is problematic it gets another red card.  If however it runs fine, the red card is removed, because it may not have been a problem with that piece of rolling stock at all.  When a piece of rolling stock gets 3 red cards, it will be removed and repaired, before being run again.  One red card will be left in the card card pocket to indicate that it has caused problems in the past.  In this way, all truly unreliable rolling stock will get the attention required.
   Sorry, no pictures this time.

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