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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff

Finally got in our meeting for the month, we decided to start running with the card system next week.  So we ran a simple freight with everyone watching. To find and solve rolling stock and track/electrical problems we will red flag car cards and put in push pins for track or electrical problems.  Sure enough on the first trial we found a dead track at Valleyview, and problems with the track to ADM Grain. Everyone grasp the logic of the car card system and are looking forward to running with it. We even came up with some ideas to make it work better. One was to have a yard master work Wellington and set up departing freight trains, Trent jumped at the idea. The waybills for the Iceing platform will be revised to take out the double step in the process to avoid confusion.  The through freights to Tuck and Sunset were talked about and changed so that all the rolling stock at either location, does not have to be changed on each run. As an example only 4 cars at Tuck could be changed instead of  all 8. I'm sure other ideas will surface.  Trent came up with the idea to make some of the freights unit trains, for instance all the pick up and deliver waybills would be tank cars for Coastal Oil, never really thought of that, should be interesting.

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