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Monday, April 6, 2015

Scratchbuilding the Woodstock CNR Station Part 2

Here is the station framing underway using Ever-green styrene strips that follow the dimensions of the resources noted in Part 1. Some modellers like to construct using wood or cardboard. I have some structures on my personal layout that I printed on heavy paper downloaded from the internet. The siding shown here is embossed
1:87 plastic brick by JTT.

The many window cutouts were less tedious than anticipated thanks to a Micromark knibbler and
Tichy Trains windows and doors somewhat matched the real things. The roof was made of 1/8" hardboard and the main station section was the greatest challenge with its many odd angles.
I await black shingles from an Indiana supplier to fully complete the roof. Jim Fox's cardboard
mockup roof seen in the background was a great help in visualizing my roof angles.

Another shot of the final model from another angle showing the platform which will be em-
bedded a little into the layout base for the correct height above the track. One test of builder patience was the gothic decorations made from scratch under the eaves and supporting the waiting room roof overhang. While not an exact replica of the actual station, it is close enough to be instantly recognized by those from Woodstock who view it.

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  1. Well done Glenn, very impressive..