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Friday, November 20, 2015

Dispatching a Throttle

how to dispatch UT4R throttles.
I asked this question on MRH and this is the answer I got.

While un-plugged press and hold the DISP button.
Keep holding the button down and plug in.
You will (Should) get a solid red light.
Your now dispatched.
Un-plug and select a new loco. there is no need to turn the dial while your plugged in. The DISP key does the de-selection internally.
Also keep in mind the DCS system has internal ops Switches that you may find useful, but be carefull especially if you have a whole lot of engines consisted together.

Ops Switches 36 through 39 will give your command station a lobotomy. You may want to check also that ops switch 44 is set to closed which will give you the max 120 slots.
Diamond River Valley Railway Company

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