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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tuesday Night at the Huff & Puff

A few of us got there early. The wiring on the upper loop was completed.

Ralph and Donald replaced more of the rock wall on the branch.

Trent and Jim positioned Heritage Furniture at its new home in Wellington.

As most members had now arrived, we started operating. First order of business, attack the goody tray supplied by Rick, thank you.

Because everyone was held up, there was a lot of congestion in the main aisle until a few trains got going. Taylor took out his rotary snow plow of a test run. He thinks the snow will be heavy this year and wants to be prepared.

Today I will follow a way freight operated by Glen, who had left Elsewhere earlier. When I caught up to him, he was spotting a flat car of pipes at the Harbour  Crane.

His next stop was Lincoln, always a busy spot, so busy in fact that we plan on having a switcher stationed there to do most of the work. Glen is moving a load to the Miller interchange yard for the branch line to pick up later.

As Glen switches the stockyard Don is held on the passing track.

Now that Jim has cleared the turnouts Don heads out to Springbank, told you Lincoln is a busy place.

Arriving at the end of his run, Glen spots empty stock cars in the Wellington yard.

Glen shows a friend, Eugene the layout, who snapped a lot of pictures to show his friends.

Another visitor, John watches the as Don and Mike switch Lincoln.

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