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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thanks for the invite Larry

Back in 1970 I had an industrial accident which caused me to feel quite sorry for myself .Fortunatly I had a neighbor who lived across the street who invited me to come and assist him in building his model empire. This is when the model railroad bug finally got me . My preferred scale is HO and my favorite part of the hobby is building structures, mostly bridges but I will not back away from any project. I have built several compressors for fellow modelers has well has paint booths complete with exaust fans to the outdoors, many of these items are still in use today. One of my best remembrances is when I was approached by a local high school to teach a course in model railroading has a night school class for several years. It was quite a treat to be paid to do what I enjoyed so much. I model in the transition period of late steam and first generation diesel I prefer to model CP units and I have named my branch has the Ontario Great Lakes Railroad, OGL for short.. In 2012 I aproached a friend of mine to see if he might assist us in supplying a location for a club layout and he gratiously offered the site that we now use .


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  1. Welcome aboard, our readers look forward to your posts.