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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Trial Run

After making up all the new cards, I ended up with 32 cards for Monday, 34 for Tuesday, 29 for Wednesday, 30 for Thursday and 27 for Friday. Not to bad. I then picked Tuesday and started picking cards until I had a train of 15 cars (it should have been 13 or under, but 8 cars were for the interchange). It took 8 trains to run all of Tuesdays requests using trains of 13 or under.

This is the first train I picked. The train order had my train leaving the Wellington yard with 14 cars. There was only 2 covered hoppers in the yard so that was all we could deliver.  The first drop/pickup was 1 box car for Woodgen. The train then departed for Valleyview where it was to drop/pickup 3 box cars at the Warehouse, 2 covered hoppers at the Silos and then switch Cliff's Junk Yard with 1 gondola. The next drop was at the Miller Interchange Yard in Lincoln. There we left 3 tank cars for City Services, 2 box cars and 3 flat cars for the Miller Sawmill. The cards for these cars were left in the box marked Branch Line Deliveries. After picking up any cars and cards for the mainline our train continued on to Elsewhere. The cars were put into the yard and the engine was turned.  The cards were placed in the back of the Tuesdays box.
This train was not actually run on the layout, just in my mind, but it shows the concept very well.

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