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Friday, June 28, 2019

Comments about the plan

To paraphrase Mike, he thinks the old Northdale corner has too much  trackwork, less is more. I would like to see what the area looks like after we rebuild the upper mainline. The couple of inches difference in elevation may be enough to break it up, much like the Cement Plant area. I put all that track in to help with train movement, but I guess we could remove 1 of the passing tracks on the branchline.
If we take off the corner where the station is in Lincoln, Ortona can be rebuilt much as it was, with the ore mine moved to the left, eliminating the turntable, engine house and coaling station that was at that end. One or two of the yard tracks there would be to stage branchline trains. This would cause branchline trains to be dispatched from there, as Glen has suggested.
The Lincoln station can be moved between the upper mainline and the branch line headed to Miller, serving both lines as Don suggested.
The gravel dock and sawmill could be fit into the lowered end of Springbank,  and be part of Lakeview.

think i would suggest three changes.  One. Leave Miller out.  Just scenery, single track no passing siding.  Two.  Move the branch to the front of bench work at Lakeview and put the village buildings between the branchline and the lower mainline.  Three.  As we discussed take out the grains industry and expand the saw mill to include a slash burner, a drying kiln, large piles of cut lumber...


I like what’s been laid out concisely in Comments about the Plan in Friday’s blog; moving Lincoln station; establishing Ortona more to the left, etc. although I would like to see a turntable retained, not necessarily the one there. Mike may have a point about too much trackage in old  Northdale corner.

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