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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff

Nice to see Joseph and Glen at the club last night. We also welcomed Larry in as a new member. He has jumped right into the fray. We continued dismantling the coal mine end of Springbank, cutting off most of the background in this area and cutting in the new route for the lower mainline. At the same time discussions continued on just what the new areas may look like. Moving the Lincoln station to the old Mount Tom area with the upper mainline in front of it and the branchline behind it, so it services both, seems like a good idea. Moving the turnout joining the branchline back to the upper mainline, on the back side of Lincoln, or removing all together was also talked about. We decided that putting a small portion of the loop to Miller in a tunnel would give us access to the turnout at the logging spur. The triangle area behind this loop may be the site of the lumber mill or be used to blend in the scenery in this area. We do seem to have lots of area in Miller to accommodate it. The coal mine would seem to be better located on the exterior wall behind Springbank which means we will have to find a new location for the ore mine, perhaps in Elsewhere or where it was on the cupboard bench, but more in the corner. After we remove the last of the table top material in Northdale we will start rebuilding the upper mainline.
The new lower mainline area at the end of Springbank, the exit door has been turned around so we have lots of room in this area now.

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