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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff

Great to see Glen up at the club amidst all the construction. His thoughtful insight is always welcome.
After Lincoln was elevated about 3 inches it was moved into place. The group gathered around to discuss the best position to set and attach Lincoln to the existing branch line benchwork. Being able to reach the turnouts on the logging spur was an obvious concern. The corner behind Allen Lumber was cut off leaving room for the branch line and to leave ample room to operate the branchline. Then an angle was cut off Lincoln where connects back into the Northdale area. It was decided to use the old turnout to the branchline and  run it parallel to the upper mainline until it loops off to the new town of Miller. It looks like we have Lincoln positioned where we want it, so now the rebuilding can commence.
New open area is a big plus in the new arrangement.

The area cut off Lincoln to create an aisle for the branchline.

A look through Lincoln to the old Northdale corner. 


  1. Boy you guys are really going to it...will have to visit once again after completed...looking good though...George Dutka