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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Meeting night

After a before the meeting, group talk 2 things were decided. We will cut off Lincoln at the turn to Jutland, some where past Union Ice. The curve will lead into the new lower mainline where Northdale was, and all of Lincoln but the Hay Co. Siding will stay intact. The area where the coal mine and Mutual Grain will be lowered to the height of the lower mainline and switched from it. This will allow the lower mainline to curve around the new end of Springbank in the open and not in a tunnel or a gully. Then at the meeting, because it will speedup construction greatly and end up with a better result, it was decided that we should move Lincoln next week which, with a small amount of wiring, will limit running to dead end runs from Wellington to Springbank and from Elsewhere to Jutland. Lincoln will be raised 2 1/4 inches to the height of the upper mainline at Springbank and new bracing will be added, before we swing it. The new lower mainline will descend to Jutland. Clean up and prep work continued after the meeting.

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