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Friday, June 28, 2019

Layout update

Mike and I measured the Lincoln area and Mike laid it out on a cad program. I loaded it into paint and added trackwork, black for the mainline, red for the walls and 1 foot grid marks, green for the benchwork, Blue for the branchline and orange for the logging spur. I did not include  the sidings in Lincoln that are not changing. Included are suggested bench work revisions and major industry placements.
Benchwork plan. Mike has indicated he may be able, with help, develop a complete plan of the layout with layers for electrical, etc.
Suggested track plan. Note connection to the branchline loop around Lincoln, making the inner mainline loop a switching lead. There is a passing siding between Springbank and Lincoln, and between Jutland and Lincoln. The branchline town of Lakeview would have a few industries and the gravel dock. None of the Miller track was drawn in as that will happen after the mainline is completely functional.
Feel free to draw up your own design. The benchwork at the old Northdale corner will be 30 inches deep to accommodate the new town of Lakeview. The benchwork in front of the exit door is deeper, but just for scenery around the mine with the turnouts in the 30 inch area.

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