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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Meeting night

 Construction Decisions 

 Track level will be 48 inches 

Backdrop will be 2 feet high 

Benches will be mostly 30 x 72 inches and be faced with 1 x 4's and the rest will be 1 x 3's Minimum radius will be 30 inches 

Loop benches need to be at least 64 inches wide or 2 x 32 inches wide for single loops Double tracked, Center loop will have to be 6 feet across 

 The INTERCHANGE plan was adopted for the benchwork

 Jigs will be made to build the "H" support frames. 

The support frames will be 3 feet apart for most of the center peninsula 

 All lumber will be sorted to lengths

 Walls will be repaired with appropriate panels and not painted


 Treasurer's report was read and adopted. For Covid 19 we are classed as a SOCIAL GROUP All covid rules are to be followed For now our membership level is set at 25 people No DC equipment will be run on the layout Water is turned off between sessions. We will go back to our schedule of Tuesday night at 7 and Fridays at 1 Jim's ballast was accepted, thank you Jim has all the turnouts wired and checked for good operating conditions, thank you. Thanks were expressed for Cliff and his pickup Boxed material was stored in the closet I think I remembered everything.

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