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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Tuesday night meeting and work night

 Tuesday March 30 

Don was delivering our financial report, but stopped to open a card, Barb Owen gave the club $100.00 dollars, wow, thanks on behalf of the club! Her sister also made us cookies, yum! I should also thank members who have brough in various items like lumber, for our use.

 Rob asked if we should drain the water heater, as it is not in use. He also mentioned that the roof of the entrance leaks were it joins the building. Jim repaired a second toilet, and we are looking at rehanging the washroom doors so they open out. Don also mentioned a layout that is for sale, but we decided it would be counter productive at this time, not to mention covid concerns. 

 The crew added the top plates to the remaining frames, finished the peninsula corner, built more benches, about a dozen more needed, and started building the big curve on the end of the peninsula. Another good night's work.

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