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Monday, November 11, 2013

Glacial Gravel by Glen McDonald

Early construction
Glacial Gravel Here are two shots of a Walthers Cornerstone kit Glacial Gravel being constructed for the Woodstock Huff n' Puff model railroad. It's now in the weathering stage and I've chosen to portray it as a heavily rusted and dirty structure sitting in a quarry amidst gravel dust and dirt. It is sheet metal roofing and siding sitting on a concrete base. Over the years the galvanized metal has had its zinc coating replaced by rust. I favour acrylic paints because they clean up with water. When complete, I give my weathered projects a light spray of Minwax Poly-urethane to seal them which dries pretty flat. I've also used Dullcoat for this as well. I enjoy building model structures and I am very impressed with the fit and detail on Walthers Cornerstone kits. Glen McDonald

Weathered building

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