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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Paints by Glen McDonald

I tend to favor acrylics because of their flat tones and because they can be thinned and cleaned up with water. I was using craft paints such as the Ceramcoat bottle until last year when I noticed that Home Depot had Behr Ultra acrylic flat base available in in 273 ml. jars for less than $5. Paint personnel will computer tint the base to any desired colour you bring in and will retint to a darker shade at no cost if you don't like the original colour. Have them put a fingerprint of the paint colour on the lid as otherwise the jars all look alike. I use small plastic yogurt containers to mix specialized colours. I  also use aerosol flat colours even though I have an airbrush which I dislike cleaning so use it seldom. But I mainly use various brushes for both paint and powder. I use damp cloths or even my fingers to smudge and mix paints and am not afraid to use patience and experimentation to get what I want. You can always cover it up if you don't like it. I go to visit actual scenes of what I'm modelling and take photographs to work from. I seal things either with Dullcoat or with Minwax spray polyeurothane [cheaper] to avoid handling problems.

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