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Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Name Game revisited

The group decided the railroad would be a division of the CPR, called The Huff and Puff (thanks Pat).  That's corny enough to fit our personalities and as someone remarked, that's what we are all doing by the time we climb the stairs to the layout room.  After much talk, we decided to name the towns after streets in Woodstock, and in alphabetical order.  This will help when we start operations.  The staging yard will stay as Elsewhere (not a city street), it joins onto the lower loop.  From the lower return loop, the first town, the port, will be aptly called Heron's Landing.  The next city on the lower level and below a rock bluff is Jutland.  Lincoln  is the mid-point on the main line and where the branch line connects. Climbing towards the upper level we come to Springbank (high on a bank above the lower level main line), which has a junction with the CNR.  The siding on the CNR is Tuck (that's where we tuck the cars for the CNR).  The next upper level town is Valleyview, which overlooks the coal mine. The last and major city and past the upper level loop is Wellington.  Back to the branch line which starts at Lincoln, the first town we arrive at is Miller with its lumber mill.  Crossing the lake on the car float we land at Northdale.  Now on code 70 track we pass the siding to the ore yard and arrive at Oxford the first switchback.  Climbing to the next switchback, at Pinehurst, we arrive at the lumber camp.  From there it is a short climb to Ridgewood, and the log loading area.

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