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Friday, November 8, 2013

Thoughts on Model Railroading Part 3

Funny thing, I was in the process of writing on a topic but MRH beat me to it. In Don Hanney's "The Art of Model Railroading" he writes "A key to the art of modeling is to trust your eyes ---- we instinctively know when something doesn't look right". I think "knack" (an ability or skill needed, or a clever trick or way of doing something) is a better term. Some may have a knack for one or many aspects of model railroading, of which there are many. And I agree with Don, that we can't all be masters (personally I would be happy to be really good). But doesn't it go deeper than that? When a layout is completed and all the "art" is done, what then? Well, some people have the knack of being fun to be around and I for one, can't wait for our Tuesday night sessions at the Huff and Puff, with a great bunch of railroaders, and that is what model railroading is all about.

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