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Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Little Engine That Couldn't - Part 1

This is the story of little CNR 0-6-0 # 7358 that was switched on to the Woodstock Model Rail layout by mistake. Normally, it was a local pulling a mixture of lightweight baggage and passenger coaches on an almost forgotten CNR Sub. Before #7358 realized
the error, it had travelled some distance and didn't know how to return to the Sub. It pulled up in front of an impressive station called Wellington and the conductor asked if anyone there knew how to return but nobody did.

So the little local chuffed on and shivered nervously as it slowly traversed the trestle by Oxford Sand & Gravel and shivered even more as it crossed the long viaduct. Nothing on the Sub equalled those structures. Then the Warwick station came into view and brakes were applied. The conductor asked at the station and even some road construction workers nearby how little 7358 could get back to the Sub. But nobody knew.

So it was onward by the power station and through a short tunnel into a heavy industrial area of numerous switches. So unnerved by all this, 7358 missed the next station altogether, didn't even note its name but the village looked neat and tidy next to a junk yard. Oh my! Another trestle and even worse, a complex of switches appeared and more industries. Little 7358 slowed down to avoid derailing and spotted Springbank Station. Nobody there knew how to get back to the Sub either,

So the little local mustered a brave smile and chugged onward into Part 2. Will 7385 ever get back to the Sub?  Stay tuned for the next episode.

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  1. Great story, can't wait to see if it gets home for Christmas. I think he can, I think he can!