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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Tuesday Night at the Huff & Puff 12/06/2016

Because the second Port Dover trip was postponed we held our meeting work night. After the financial report we went on to talk about the projects outlined in previous posts. We started a list of druthers for the Wellington project, stressing the need to consider all ideas. It was also suggested that a plan be drawn up incorporating the ideas so far. A great idea put forward was to paint ties yellow to indicate the ends of isolated "engine loading" blocks. Some agreement was indicated in running with train orders and trying the Wellington turn idea, posted previously. The surface of the log pond will be redone with a painted styrene surface. So work was done on the logging camp and the Zorra Cyclone camp. Changing the brown hoppers into limestone/gravel carriers was thought to be a good idea. It was nice to see the Friday group had set up trains using the Train Orders, and want to try to see how they work in spreading the use of the whole layout. A well received idea for Elsewhere was to use tracks 2 and 4 as the turntable leads thus leaving a gap between the storage tracks for fat fingers. A gentleman showed up with a Christmas gift of scenic materials for the club, thanks.
After the meeting I was showing a couple of the newer members what certain sidings were for like the log pond, which had 2 flat cars spotted there instead of the unit log cars, which were left in Oxford? Then we looked at the 3 sidings at Hillcrest Packers. The front one is the team track, the next one is for stock cars only and the last is for Hillcrest Packers. With the "Oh" response I heard, I guess we need some imformation sessions. I hope everyone knows that all these ideas for improvement to our layout I bring forward are just that, ideas. Please jump in with your own, or why the ones I purpose are not so good, heck I got kicked off my iPad twice just writing this post. I did sweeten up the crowd with my favorite lemons squares, knowing I would use up most of the night talking.
Thanks for the lemon squares, Connie Brinker.

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