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Monday, December 19, 2016

The Little Engine That Couldn't - Part 2

If you haven't already read Part 1, do it now.  Leaving Springbank Station, CNR 0-6-0 #3758, pulling a local passenger train on unfamiliar trackage, rounded a left hand curve and, to its horror,
headed downhill into the blackness of Tom Smith Tunnel. Relief followed as daylight quickly reappeared and the side rods clanked as the throttle was eased back around right and left curves into Lincoln Station. This looked like a big town so surely help to return to the Sub would be found here. But still nobody knew.
Running low on steam pressure, a water tank was spotted just ahead beside the main street of Lincoln. The Bell Telephone service truck had to wait somewhat impatiently for the tender of Engine 3758 to be refilled. The conductor had dropped off the last car to get KFC take out for the crew and the passengers were not happy to see him run up with bags in each hand when they were left hungry. A track worker at the water tank suggested the train back up beyond the station into the branch line for a coal refill at Old King Coal's and said they might find the missing Sub somewhere up there as well but he didn't really know.

With a fresh coal supply, the train backed gingerly through the myriad of branch line switch leads and, following the conductor's arm swings as he stood on the rear car's platform, the little train passed the saw mill and another water tower. Reaching Miller Station, the passengers demanded to get off for food and to take in the scenery at this pleasant spot. The conductor was told to back further up the branch line for a possible Sub entry point but nobody there really knew.

So, after a longer wait than anticipated because some passengers took a boat cruise around the harbour and coal dock, Engine #3758 continued to push its cars further up the branch line. Will this be a dead end or the desired switch on to the Sub??  Stay tuned for Part 3 coming up.

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