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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Tuesday night at the Huff & Puff Dec. 13/16

Arrived at the layout to see all the trains Jim had set out but not enough operators to run them all. I think running with train orders would be benifitial not only to spread out operators, but also get people familiar with all of the layout. The log train will be easier to run once the log camp run around is installed, as will the ore train, if we decide to rework that siding. Trent also suggested we put a small industry at the curve into Ortona, maybe a coal dealer. The log camp has been lowered into the correct level, thanks Glen for cleaning up the "rock slide" in Northdale.
Logging camp in position.

Jim also set up Elsewhere yard into an every other track arrangement, looks like it will work better. Jim and I made a updated map of the block wiring so I can make a better printed version of it. There was a lot of conversation about the newest map of the new Wellington. Some changes were already suggested.

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