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Saturday, December 31, 2016

What's Wrong?

What's wrong with this Picture?

Not a big deal but it does show a couple examples of procedural lapses. First there are 2 piggyback cars at the ramp, even though the cards only ship 1, so the car that was there was not picked up when the second one was delivered. These cars sat there for a few sessions suggesting that the card to deliver a piggyback car to the ramp was not used because there was no car in the yard. That card has to be used even though there is no car available, because it will initiate the pick up of both of the cars at the ramp. Remember the cards are for both delivery and pick up and should be used even if there are not enough cars to fill the the delivery order. 
I had to stage this Picture as 1 of the cars had been removed.

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  1. At least the trailers are facing the right way to be offloaded by a tractor unit.