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Friday, February 17, 2017

General update

With construction at Wellington well on its way and the Great Lakes Steel siding completed its time to update a few things. We will have 2 new team tracks, 1 in Springbank and 1 in Wellington so new industry cards have been produced for them. New train Orders have been made to reflect not only the new ore siding but also the new run around at Pinehurst. This new run around allows for prototype logging operations where the log cars are moved with their locomotive downhill, except for the grade up to Oxford. After reading the previously suggested train route and schedule post to the blog, please advise me or bring up any ideas at the next meeting so adjustments can be made. As you will see in that post, we can have 5 trains to run, which can be repeated to complete a session, if necessary. We also have the option to run through freights from Elsewhere and Wellington. Coupled with switching duties at Lincoln, Herons Landing, and Springbank and 2 person crews, that is a total of 17 operators.

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