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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Train Routes

Elsewhere Freight.  After picking up rolling stock  requirements for 2 industry cards, it leaves Elsewhere and travels the mainline to Wellington, switching freight as required. After switching Wellington, if needed, the train is left on 1 of the receiving yards tracks.

Ore Train picks up empties at Great Lakes Steel in Jutland. Heading west on the mainline, it's switches to the branch line at Lincoln. It continues  to Ortona and switches empties with loads. It then returns with the loads, via Lincoln to Jutland, and switches the ore cars to the Great Lakes Steel siding. There are 2 unit ore trains 1 brown and 1 black, not to be mixed.

Ortona Mixed Freight. Leaves Ortona  yard with yesterday's freight train, 2 industrial cards, and the passenger/caboose stopping at all stations on its way to Elsewhere, where it drops it's freight cars. Then it picks up rolling stock requirements  for the 2 industrial cards picked from the branch line card rack before leaving Ortona. It now returns to the branch line via Lincoln and completes it's required switching. The picked up rolling stock and passenger/caboose is left in the Ortona  yard.

Mainline Passenger Train. The passenger cars are picked up in the Wellington  passenger yard. All stations are stopped at on its trip to Herons Landing where it turns on the lower loop. It then returns to Wellington again stopping at all stations on its trip. It enters the upper loop at Trents  Hill tunnel to arrive at the Wellington station.

Log Train starts by picking up empty log cars at the Miller sawmill. Running around the log cars in Miller, it switches back at Oxford, pushing the log cars up to Pinehurst. The log cars are run around again in Pinehurst so they can be pushed up to  the spare tree at Ridgewood. The loaded log cars are pulled from the spare tree siding and run around in Pinehurst. After switching back at Oxford the log cars are run around in Northdale, and delivered to the logging pond siding at the sawmill in Miller.

Wellington  Freight. The reverse of the Elsewhere Freight. Any switching in Wellington will be done from the industrial run around. 
Train schedule 

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