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Friday, February 10, 2017

Track gang, Friday 10, Feb. 2017

After studying the picture of the industrial area, posted previously, I didn't think the east end of the industrial run around was laid out correctly. The big u curve looked like trouble. With some help from Glen and Donald we arrived at a far better track arrangement, which also made the team track siding/switching lead a straight run, Bonus!  Small areas of track was ballasted to help keep things in place for a test run. The freight yard was laid out, which shifted it slightly towards the aisle, which allowed the sanding rack to be moved further from it's turnouts. This allowed better alignment of the 2 tracks. The caboose track was then installed. It is estimated that the freight yard will hold 45 cars.
Freight yard, sanding rack and caboose track 

Revised industrial run around, the u is gone.

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