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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

July meeting

Our financial report was presented by Don S. as well as the news of upcoming train shows.

Joseph expressed concerns about some of our insulated rail joiners missing the center tab that mimics the rail profile. He will supply some and our supply will be checked. He is also going to check on bulk wire prices for our bus wires. We would like our bus wires for the east and west bound mainline be different colours.

Cliff, not only removed 3 old doors and 2 toilets but also has a baggage cart that we could put on display outside, Don is going to check if that is ok. He is also going to check if the alarm is functional.

Don P. suggested we move the Wellington station over to a location inside the oval and that at least 2 sidings be in front of the station for passenger train storage. The location of the 2 main yards was approved as was the location for a stub ended storage yard, along the front edge of the oval. A turntable is still undecided.

Our members decided our towns will be named after Woodstock streets and as many local businesses names be used, as possible, on our industries.

We also decided to build some shelves under the layout, to use shower curtain hangers to hold our bus wires, and to move the stove back into its original location and add a shelf on top of it, if needed.

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