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Saturday, July 10, 2021

The town that wasn't.

 Curving the mainline toward the coal mine accidentally created a great scenic opportunity, that I hadn't seen until I looked at the picture. The curve was initially created to breakup what would have been a very long straigh mainline at the front of this entire peninsula.

The green contour lines indicate, a hill for the branchline past the river, indicated in blue, and a small town, past the river and on the aisle side, is lower than the mainline, is there room for an elevated coal/gravel yard there? That would provide a westbound siding on the front mainline. 

There would be a wooden trestle, as long as possible,  on the branchline,  plate girder or similar low profile types on the mainline and a small wooden road bridge.

Yellow is for roads.

The Orange lines indicate a station and freight house, with a siding/team track in black. This is all at the same level as the mainline.

This provides an eastbound switching location, which is the only switching for the front mainline on this peninsula. There is a westbound siding at the coal mine and an eastbound siding at the power plant, on the rear mainline on this peninsula.  It also provides a scenic reason for the curve, and saves a nice scene of a lake on the backdrop. 

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