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Friday, July 30, 2021

Town names

 It was decided, at the meeting, to recreate the naming of our towns using mostly Woodstock street names. Starting on the west wall, Wellington will be the front town and Elsewhere (not a street name but has history with us) will be the back town. Following the back mainline westbound (toward Wellington) Fidler is in the south west corner and is the location of the switching puzzle area. Past the furnace is Hunter with Hunter Steel the main industry there. Across the bridge at the fire door is Jutland, a one industry town. A long trip down the peninsula we arrive at Lincoln, another town reminiscent of our old layout, with at least 6 industries there, but well spread out. I have reserved the name of Lakview, in case we separate the port area from Lincoln. Maple is toward the south east end of the central peninsula, lumber being it's major commodity. Rounding the corner Marshall Power is the next customer and then Nelson Coal mine. As we enter the the main door loop, is the Oliver Ore interchange. Ortona is the next small town. Back on the central peninsula is the town of Pinehurst which has the connection to the branchline. Ridgeway will overlook the large bridge in the narrow approach to the loop of the central peninsula. The front mainline, skirts Lincoln on its way to Sunset. Sunset is a busy place with not only Zorra Coal, but also the gravel Dock at Dover and an interchange with the branchline. There may be a small town before the furnace called Tuck and another town, before Wellington, called Warwick. Wellington is the final destination. 

Completely separating the branchline, we start at Admiral (nicknamed the island town). This town has a turntable and a few industries. The switching lead for the passing track, appears to continue off the layout, via a tunnel through the wall. The siding to the lumber camp at Burtch, is just across the through truss bridge. Continuing along the east wall we come to Cartier (A tribute to the history of the building in that Club Cartier was housed here). Cartier has a sawmill and the connection to the outer mainline (on which the branchline has running rights only). Leaving the mainline at Sunset, we arrive at the port of Dover. Dover has an interchange track with the mainline. 

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