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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Friday fun at the RHR

 Found 4 more rerailers, in a box of track, so 3 are being installed in Hunter. The reversing/loading track was installed with required insulators and a rerailer. It still has to be wired and checked.

 The new storage yard in Wellington was also started.

The gravel pit sidings were located and installed.

Two former members came for a visit, from St. Thomas, nice to see Leo and Ruby. Leo is working on some On30 structures for his own layout.


A few ideas were discussed with some members. First the use of timers at all stations, to have a set time to load and unload passengers. Second was weather to use AAR codes or our short forms for car type entries on our train orders e.g.. XM and LO or BC and CH, for box cars and covered hoppers. Third was to have more than 1 industry per siding. Fourth was the use of the combination of brown water towers and yellow stations, on the back mainline (which will be referred to as the eastern division) and green water towers and red stations on the front mainline (western division) to help separate the 2 mainlines. NB. a light and dark ballast would also help. All of these subjects will be drought up at our meeting. 

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