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Saturday, October 9, 2021

Friday fun, Oct. 8th.

 As always there was a lot of scenery being added, rerailers/Road crossings being installed and track adjustments, going on in the background. A siding was found with feeder wires installed, but it had not been located into its final position as yet,  adjustments were made, as required. So a reminder to people installing feeders, most of the sidings have not been put into their final location yet, so only wire the mainline and passing sidings. An effort will be made to have the sidings put where they should be to avoid confusion and extra work.

Looking at our supply of stations, it was found that we have yellow and red sided types. So all the mainline stations on the front mainline are red and all the rear mainline stations are yellow.  This may help distinguish the 2 mainlines as being separate from each other. Of course, the white Woodstock station will be used between the Wellington and Elsewhere yards. In fact that loop area will be known as Woodstock, so as many buildings as possible, with a Woodstock reference, should be located there. As there is no sidings there, factories like La France and Bingham the Mover will be located at other towns on the layout.

Industries in Tatham and their sidings were put into place.

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