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Saturday, October 9, 2021

Reversing track

 Reversing, return loop, program, track. Quite a mouthful. The main component of this idea is a peco turnout with an electric throw motor, plus a Twin Micro Switch, also called, 2 single pole, double throw switchs, which was probably used for signals or frog power. We, however will use the 2 SPDT switch to reverse the polarity of the turnout, yellow circled,  and the tail track. Gaps, blue lines, will isolate the turnout and tail track  from the tracks coming from the 2 yards, note, in conversation about this idea, it was suggested to have the gaps at the throat of the turnout, at least 6 inches away. The tail track will also have a gap so the far end of it can be isolated, so it can be turned off and on, to place engines on the layout. A rerailer, black, will be installed to help with that. This loading track could also be used to program engines.

How it will be used. The 2 yard tracks which feed this reversing track, will be the mainline through these yards, in other words, always left open. If a train is brough into Wellington, it would be dropped, the engine would run past the Wellington yard, go around the Woodstock loop and into the Elsewhere yard and into the reversing track, throw the turnout, back into the Wellington yard, facing in the opposite direction. Reversing this procedure for Elsewhere. No turntable needed. The tail track could have a water tower, coaling tower, etc. For decoration and or operations.

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