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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Tuesday night at the RHR

 New yard for Wellington/Woodstock. Because we are leaning towards breaking down many of the trains that have been run, we need more yard storage. A new 4 track stub ended yard will be installed off the end of the Wellington ready yard. That will make 8 storage tracks in total. The engine reversing switch, between Elsewhere and Wellington, was also worked on. It was also decided that this would include a power control engine loading track, with a rerailer.

Thames River Bridge is being installed, leaving only work on the stream near the Coal mine and some trackwork at the Elsewhere yard, to complete the mainline.


Work continues. Another 2 bus wire runs were installed, as were a host of feeder wires. In the background, members prepair for the Woodstock Train Show on Sunday.

The email about what kind of operating system, can up in discussion many times. Preference was all across the board, from the old individual car cards, because of it realism, to the Train Order system, because of its simplicity. It remains to be seen where the debate will go. The biggest problem with a complicated system is the constant correction of switching errors, and simpler systems lack realism.

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